Review of the Binomo platform

Binomo has become one of the fast-growing trading platforms today. Learn all about their features, affiliate program, advantages and disadvantages of using the platform in the Binomo broker review.

Briefly about Binomo

Binomo is an international online trading platform. Its logo has become the mark of a reliable trading platform in over 130 countries, including South Africa, India, and Pakistan. Binomo is available in English and12 more languages such as Bengali, Arabic, and Hindi.

Note! You don’t need to contact the agent to learn more about the platform; you can visit the website for more information on what Binomo is and how does it work.

binomo reviews
The Binomo head office is located in St.Vincent and the Grenadines and obeys its laws. The investment company has been building a good reputation, as seen on the Linkedin profile here, reviews on forums and Quora:

Pankhuri Singh (worked at Bitgiving, 2016): “It’s a new platform for trading that’s why many people are not aware of Binomo. It has good service support new ways to learn new things with trading. I have personal experience trading with Binomo, and I am happy with my online trading experience.”

Priya Mantri (Executive-digital/social Media Content at BFG’s Digitally Next, 2019-present): “There are some who say that it’s a scam and some are genuinely using Binomo to earn extra income. But am sure to each to its own. It’s what people have experienced, and we can’t really tell them what to do. But if you ask me, I have had a good experience with Binomo. It’s a good platform if you use it with a good strategy and skills.”

The benefits and features of the Binomo platform

Binomo provides many benefits for traders. In your account, you find customization sections, including your trading history, tournaments, calendar, bonuses, and information about how to invest and trade on Binomo. Also, you can see the current status of your funds.

A demo account

binomo demo account
Binomo provides a free training account to practice your trading strategies using virtual funds. Here you can visualize how you could perform your strategy with your real account as a demo account has exact same real-time charts. Beginners can learn how Binomo works by watching video tutorials, step-by-step strategies, charts, and indicators on a demo account.

Note! You cannot withdraw funds from a demo account because they are virtual.


Binomo could assist you quickly with your issue through the Cody bot; you also contact them by email address. They approximately reply within a few seconds through the chatbot and gets back to you as soon as possible in the email.

Help Center

binomo faq
If you prefer looking up your question, you could surf through the Help Center right here.

The Help Center is like Wikipedia for Binomo traders and provides information to set you on the right foot. You can choose which category you are wondering about on the main page of the Help Center. They could answer your questions regarding Verification, Account, Trading, Deposit and Withdraw funds, Benefits, Tournaments, Promotion and bonuses, and an About us section is provided as well if you are wondering what’s Binomo.

All you have to do is choose a category or type keywords about your concern on the search bar, and certain articles about the topic would appear right away. The variety is on the left side of the Binomo website for your convenience.

Minuses of Binomo

binomo platform
As much as Binomo could provide reasonable assistance, they also have some minuses. Here are the following:


As a growing platform, Binomo is not yet available to every country globally, including some countries in the EU and the US; however, it is already available in over 130 countries.

Currency flexibility

When you sign up on, you must choose the account currency. Please note that the currency is not changeable after you register.

The app for mobile devices only

The Binomo app is available in App Stores in both Apple and Android, but it currently does not have a desktop application, although you can use the platform through your browser.

About affiliate program

binomo affiliate
Binomo has an affiliate program for its users. If you don’t want to trade, you can choose one of four referral plans and become a Binomo partner. You are provided with free promotional materials for your website or blog, individual assistance, and other benefits.

If you want to learn more about the affiliate program, you can read about it at Here you can see the policies and terms about being a Binpartner.


To conclude, investing and trading on Binomo is an excellent way to get extra profit is not a bad idea considering the amount of support and help you could get. The platform also opens many opportunities to beginners, and it can help with your cash empowerment. You will become a true Binomist!

Although you should remember that there will always be financial risks in trading, the platform is not liable for those risks as it is only here to assist you. On the other hand, the constant improvement of your trading skills, the right strategy, analysis and practice on a demo account will also help reduce the risk of losing funds in case of an incorrect forecast.

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