Why Binomo Desktop Is the Best Option for Traders

Ever wonder why so many successful traders swear by the desktop version of Binomo? You’ve probably heard about this popular trading platform and maybe even tried the mobile app. But if you’re serious about trading, the desktop platform is the way to go. With the Binomo desktop platform, you can access many tools and features to help you make the right calls at the right times.

We’re talking advanced charts with popular indicators and risk management features, so you can minimize your losses. The desktop platform also gives you a clearer view of the market, so you’ll never miss an opportunity. To take your trading to the next level, enter the Binomo desktop platform and see what you’ve been missing. In no time, you’ll be wondering how you ever traded without it.

Overview of the Binomo Trading Platform

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When it comes to trading platforms, Binomo has two options – desktop and mobile. The desktop version offers many more features that active traders will appreciate. If you’re serious about trading, the Binomo desktop platform is the way to go.

The desktop platform gives you a full range of analytical tools like interactive charts, drawing tools, indicators, and graphical objects. You’ll have access to tools for in-depth market analysis to make informed trading decisions. The desktop platform also provides an economic calendar to keep you up to date on events that could impact the markets.

For active traders, the desktop platform offers one-click trading from the chart, allowing you to open trades quickly and easily. The desktop platform allows you to trade various financial instruments from different markets like currencies, commodities, stocks, and indices.

One of the biggest advantages of the Binomo desktop platform is that you can trade on multiple screens. This allows you to view multiple charts, keep an eye on news headlines and monitor open positions all at once. The desktop platform is also fully customizable. You can adjust the layout and save your preferred workspace layout.

While the Binomo mobile app is convenient when you’re on the go, the desktop platform is superior for active traders who want access to advanced tools and features. The Binomo desktop platform gives you everything you need to analyze the markets and trade effectively. For the ultimate trading experience, the Binomo desktop platform can’t be beaten.

Key Features Exclusive to Binomo Desktop

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When it comes to trading platforms, the Binomo desktop reigns supreme. The desktop version offers advanced tools and features not found in the mobile app, giving you more power and control.

In-depth Charting

The desktop platform provides highly customizable charts with multiple indicators and tools for in-depth analysis. You get line, candle, mountain, and bar charts with timeframes ranging from 1 minute to 1 hour. Analyze trends with all popular indicators including Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, and Alligator. Draw trend lines, Fibonacci levels, and more. For serious traders, these robust charting capabilities are essential.

Detached Charts

New to the Binomo desktop platform, detached charts let you pop out any chart into its own separate window. Keep an eye on multiple assets simultaneously without cluttering your workspace. Detached charts are fully interactive, giving you the platform’s functionality right within the chart window. For active traders, this feature is invaluable.

Customizable Workspace

Set up your trading workspace just how you like it. Undock any window to float freely, or dock it at the top, bottom, left, or right. Save multiple workspace layouts and switch between them with a single click. A customizable workspace optimized for your needs leads to faster, more efficient trading.

With powerful charting, advanced orders, detached charts, and a customizable interface, the Binomo desktop platform is packed with features that give you an edge. For serious traders, the choice is clear.

Advanced Charting and Indicators on Desktop

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The desktop version of the Binomo trading platform gives you advanced tools for analyzing the market and placing strategic trades. If you’re serious about trading, the desktop platform is the way to go.

Advanced Charting

The desktop platform provides interactive charts with popular indicators to help identify trends and trading opportunities. You get line charts, bar charts, candlestick charts, and Heikin Ashi charts. indicators like Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, and Ichimoku Clouds allow you to see market volatility, momentum, and potential reversals.

With the desktop platform, you can draw trendlines, Fibonacci retracements, and other shapes directly on the charts. This makes it easy to spot support and resistance levels and breakouts. The charts give you a comprehensive market view so you can make informed trading decisions.

Customizable Workspace

The desktop platform allows you to organize your workspace efficiently. You can place multiple charts, indicators, and tools on one screen and save your layouts. This allows you to track several assets and timeframes at once.

You can also set up watchlists to monitor your favorite markets or most traded assets. Alerts can notify you of price movements even when you’re not actively monitoring the platform.

The desktop platform from Binomo provides all the tools and features serious traders need to analyze the market, place trades, and manage positions. The advanced capabilities, customizable workspace, drawing tools, and various assets give you more control and flexibility over your trading. For the committed trader, the choice is clear – go with the Binomo desktop platform.

FAQs About the Binomo Desktop Version

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The desktop version of the Binomo trading platform offers many advantages over the mobile app. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about using it:

Is Binomo’s desktop platform free to use?

Yes, the Binomo desktop platform is completely free to use. You only need an internet connection and a Windows or Mac OS computer.

What features does the Binomo desktop platform have that the mobile app lacks?

The Binomo desktop platform provides access to more tools and features than the mobile app, including:

  • Advanced charting with popular indicators like Bollinger Bands, MACD, and RSI to analyze the markets.
  • Ability to have multiple charts open at once to compare different assets.
  • Faster order execution due to a more stable internet connection.
  • An economic calendar to see the dates and times of important market events that could impact your trades.
  • News feed to stay on top of the latest market news and events.
  • Larger work area so you can open multiple windows and tabs, like your chart, news, calendar, trading history, and order windows.

How do I get started with Binomo’s desktop platform?

  1. You do not need to download the Binomo desktop software for Windows or Mac; just open your favorite browser.
  2. Enter www.binomo.com and register for a free demo account.
  3. Log in to your Binomo account using the details you registered with.
  4. Fund your account to start live trading or use the $10.000 virtual funds to practice.
  5. Select an asset to trade, like currency pairs, commodities, stocks, or indices. Analyze the chart and place your trades!

Binomo provides an easy-to-use yet powerful desktop platform for trading in the financial markets. The additional tools and larger workspace will make analyzing trades and executing orders a seamless experience for beginners and professionals alike. Try the desktop platform – you may prefer it over the mobile app!


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So there you have it. The Binomo desktop trading platform offers traders many advantages over its mobile counterpart and competitors. With advanced charting tools, indicators, and features at your fingertips, you’re set up for success. The desktop platform is intuitive yet powerful, allowing you to maximize market insights and opportunities. While the mobile app certainly has its place for on-the-go access, the desktop version is the way to go when it comes time to make important trading decisions. Give the Binomo desktop platform a try – you’ll wonder how you ever traded without it.

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