A detailed overview of Binomo bonuses

Binomo is an online trading platform that provides several bonuses to its traders. This article is a review of what the Binomo bonuses give, how and where to get them. It also talks about how the bonuses can be maximized.

What are bonuses for?

Bonuses are given to traders to help them enlarge and increase their trading potential. These bonuses are always added to the trader’s account. Their amount depends on the terms and conditions of the Binomo bonus program.

Bonus types

binomo free bonus
Five types of bonuses are available on the Binomo platform:

  • The Welcome Bonus

This bonus is a welcome gift to all Binomo traders for free. It is available within the first 30 minutes of creating an account. This bonus increases the first deposit by 25%. To get a welcome bonus, all you need to do is click the link in the lower-left corner of the platform after opening the account, then make a deposit.

  • The Deposit Bonus

binomo deposit bonus
It is available after depositing into your Binomo account. The size of the bonus depends on the deposit amount and status of your account (Standard, Gold, or VIP). The higher the amount of your deposit and account status, the higher the percentage you will get. You can decide to use or not use this bonus; it all depends on your wish.

You can get this type of bonus in a promotion, from your personal manager, or a newsletter. The Binomo coupon or promo code can also be combined alongside a deposit bonus. For example, you can get up to a 100% bonus by using a deposit and coupon bonuses together.

  • The Non-Deposit Bonus

It is a fixed amount that may be added to a real account without the trader making a deposit. The no-deposit bonus includes insurance for VIP clients or a gift in the form of an amount to the account sent by Binomo to regular customers.

The deposit insurance is open to the VIP traders at no cost. In case of your balance drops due to unsuccessful trading, Binomo will compensate for a part of your investments. The amount of the compensation depends on how much you invested and on the status of the account.

  • Risks-free trades

binomo no deposit bonus
It is a fixed number of trades with a predetermined investment amount. The personal managers often give risks-free trades to VIP status traders. If the client uses them and the trade turns out well, then the additional income is added to the account, otherwise, the trade will not affect the deposit.

Note! There can only be one bonus attached to a client’s account at a time.

How to use Binomo coupon/code?

Bonus coupons or codes can be gotten on social media or the Binomo promotion page, by email, or by your personal manager. You can enter the Binomo coupon code on the cashier page by using the special field.

Bonuses cannot be withdrawn

withdraw bonus
Traders should be aware of the fact that after the Binomo bonus is activated you can’t do any withdrawal before mandatory trading turnover will be complete. Once this is done, you can withdraw funds from your account without any limit.

Terms and Conditions

For all the bonuses that Binomo offers, there are terms and conditions associated with them. The bonuses are not an obligation of the company to traders, but they are advantages to the traders. However, the withdrawal of the client’s funds from using the bonuses may be limited. Also, once the bonus expires before the client uses it, it will be deducted from the client’s account.

With all the attractiveness of bonuses and their benefits, one should not forget about trading risks. Even experienced traders can lose their investments in case of an incorrect forecast. When trading, keep this in mind and do not forget to improve your skills.

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